A Few of Our Favorite Things…(and Instagram accounts)…0-8 Months.

Ok, I know literally everyone does this but I also know I read A LOT of them while I was pregnant and wanted advice (I also polled Instagram a lot 😊). This isn’t all-inclusive and it’s not a baby-registry…just a few of our favorites ♥️.

I try to be pretty minimalist, 99% of Freeland’s wardrobe and toys are hand-me-down, so if I list something it’s because I loved it enough to keep it (we literally returned the rock and play because we didn’t use it enough…then it got recalled…glad we got our $75 bucks back).

I also added my most useful Instagram accounts for each season and a DISCOUNT on our favorite play mat!

~ O-3 Months Old ~

▪️Burt’s Bees Burp Clothes – I actually found these to be more absorbent than some of the thicker ones I received and still use them the most! 🐝

▪️Snuggle Me Organic – Freeland was an early roller so we didn’t use this as much as I thought but it was nice to stuff in the couch corner or move him around the house and have a place for him. I know they are expensive…but I got it resale on Offer Up (check Posh Mark and Marketplace also).

▪️Promptly Baby JournalBeautiful design. Special prompts. Room to journal (if you can keep up with that). And it goes up to year 18! 

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▪️Cozy’s Swaddle Blankets – I mean, Joanna Gaines uses them so they must be good, right? But really, I liked that they were stretchy (better for swaddling), and warmer (since we had a winter baby). I bought two in neutral colors and can’t wait to use them again!

Less than a week old.

▪️Primary Pajamas – Zip-up, snap-up, tons of colors, organic cotton, and under $15! If Freeland didn’t have enough hand-me-down pajamas I would be buying more (secretly hoping our box of 9-12mo clothes stash doesn’t have PJ’s).


▪️Mustela lotion – I only bought this recently but wish I would have bought it when he was born. He always had dry skin and irritation. I finally did some research of brands that rated well on EWG but also could be purchased at Target. This instantly changed his skin from dry and scabby to how you imagine baby skin to feel!

I spy a cute baby butt getting into his toy basket, hehe

▪️@takingcarababies – I literally watched ALL of her saved stories while breastfeeding. From newborn sleep schedules and wake windows, developmental topics, to funny stories about her husband (who is a pediatric doctor). So helpful!

~ 3-6 Months Old ~

▪️Ergo Baby – Obvious maybe, but if you were doubting putting it on your registry or spending the money, look for one resale…it will be worth it! Grocery shopping, chopping vegetables, hiking the Columbia Gorge…we love it! 


▪️Rompers – Who has time for outfits when you’re changing blowouts? I’m still a little bitter the boy’s section is always half the size as the girls.

▪️Skip-Hop play gym – I loved the colors and prints of this little gym! If you’re looking for one that is neutral… here you go. He loved it too!

▪️@littlezsleep – When we finally decided we couldn’t get this kid to sleep on our own, I purchased Becca’s sleep training plan…I needed steps! I had tried everything I had read! She has a podcast too that is very helpful!

 ~ 6-8 Months Old ~

▪️Primary swim rash guard – Once again, you can’t beat the price for the quality…or the color options! Plus, I haven’t seen many others that are long-sleeved!


▪️Wander and Roam Mat – We purchased this thing when we couldn’t keep Freeland from rolling and we were still at our old house with tile floors. We absolutely love it! Its thicker than a yoga mat, reversible, and looks cute in our living room!

USE CODE “MAMA15” for $15 off one of their mats. She told me blue is almost sold out but more will be coming soon and a new design in 3 colors mid-August!


▪️EZPZ fun plate and cup – NEUTRALS, (don’t lie, you know its important to you). Plus, they were designed by a speech pathologist so the cups and spoons are actually purposeful for development. Win-win!

▪️Board Books – We love Nancy Tillman Board Books – Just try not to cry reading them! Also, “Polar Bear, Polar Bear” with the animal noises!


▪️@babyledweanteam – Katie is a nutrition professor and has SEVEN kids, six of which she baby-led weaned. She documented her own kids’ 100 first foods (how she prepared them, videos of them trying it – and gagging on it) so there is no shortage of ideas and expert advice! It made me so much more confident to start giving Freeland solids.


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