30 things I learned in year *30*…in no particular order:

1. Babywise is not a “how to” book…but mothering is just as amazing as everyone said it would be!

2. Just because others love mothering and making money in multi leveling marketing it doesn’t mean you have to also.

3. There’s this thing called the pelvic floor- it’s a big part of your core.

4. MOD pizza is AMAZING.

5. Breastfeeding is not easy for everyone.

6. I can live without running (maybe not without exercise).

7. Free Walmart grocery pick up…please and thank you.

8. Husband is even hotter as a dad, 10/10 will make more children with him.

9. I have more than one gray hair.

10. Lacroix + Gatorade is the answer to being pregnant in the summer.

11. Birthing a baby (medication free) IS, in fact, harder than running a marathon… although it took me about the same amount of time to do both 😆… about 31/2 hours.

12. The lemon chia mug cake from RunfastCookfastEatslow is amazing (better if you add chocolate).

13. Postpartum hormones are real… and so are postpartum hot flashes.

14. I’m an enneagram 3… to the “T”.

15. The little girls clothing section is usually double the size as the little boys… (maybe I’ll start a rally for equality).

16. You can save a lot of money by skipping babyfood…

17. On that note, half the items on a baby registry are not necessity.

18. Deep friendships are possible anywhere when you find people who are willing to go deep and old friendships still have to be invested in.

19. How to NOT over cook chicken

20. Maybe it’s because I was first timer, maybe Freeland cried more than others, maybe I didn’t love having a newborn in the darkest months of the year… but whatever the reason, newborn stage wasn’t my favorite… I love having to chase him around the house and keep him entertained these days 🤷🏻‍♀️.

21. Marriage can get “easier” while getting shallower… you get used to people. It can also get easier while getting deeper… it takes intentionally but it can still be fun > “hard”.

22. My immediate family will probably never be a family unit this side of heaven…which makes me more and more thankful that one day we will all see as He sees, love as He loves, and have a permanent family and home, where death and division will have no place!

23. Scripture memory isn’t hard. We say it’s hard but what we really mean is it’s time consuming and takes effort… but it’s not that hard. Retraining that muscle was one of the best parts of this year. And now I can call to mind Matt 5&6 🙌🏽.

24. I believe that after the gift of the Holy Spirit church community is one of the greatest gifts the Father has given to believers.

25. Sun screen & night cream… should have started a decade ago ☀️.

26. The Army can be a hard and dark place… the enemy wars against marriages and the value of human life (in the form of suicide and divorce)… service members need prayer, and gospel hope and people who care.

27. The Army can also bring amazing relationships, community from all over the world, all walks of life… right to house next door.

28. My husband continues to be one of the hardest workers I know, faithful to his job, faithful to his family.

29. Moving around really is a blessing… it makes me think hard about acquiring any thing “extra” and I’m grateful for the opportunity to purge so often.

30. Faith in God comes easy / natural for me. Relationship with Him is harder. Journaling to-do-lists isn’t the same as spending time with Him… but that “time” looks different as a new mom… it looks like having worship music on around the house, praying over and for Freeland at night, memorizing scripture for my accountability group and leaning into Him for my worth and identity when I so desperately search for it everywhere else.


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