“Fall Favorites”

Don’t worry… I won’t make scroll through ramblings just to get to the recipes…(why do they do that?)

▪️Paula Dean’s Banana Bread – I added dark chocolate chips and baked it for 60 minutes.

▪️Pumpkin Oat Flour Chocolate Chip Muffins – second batch I’ve made! I love them!

▪️Apple Cinnamon Oat Kids Muffins – Zero sugar. Super easy!

▪️Sinful Colors – Ok, not a Halloween girl. But I do love some dark nail polish every once and a while. Sinful colors is my favorite non-expensive brand. Usually lasts me a few days (and I do a lot of dishes / lift a lot of weights).

▪️Autumn bucket list – yes girl, if you could make one for every season that would be great!

▪️Black and olive have kinda been my go-to colors. I loved this one (on the left) with the slit in the back from Walmart (but couldn’t find it anymore) and found this Target 🎯 tank at the thrift store (along with some camo for Freeland). Greasy baby handprints not included.

▪️Ok, last thing that I just remembered as I pulled the picture of the bucket list….MOMJEANS. Never thought I would like them. Never thought I could pull them off. Never say Never.

I couldn’t find the exact pair from American Eagle (they were on clearance), but I would recommend trying them on as they run big. I got a size 2 and normally wear a 4 in their skinny jeans (and short length…always).


Ok, that’s all. If you live somewhere that allows you to enjoy a flannel and a s’more be sure to do that for me soon!