Five Reflections to ask yourself before you start goal setting!

  1. How did God reveal His faithfulness to me this past year?
  2. In what ways did I grow as a person, as a mom, as a wife, as a believer, as a friend?
  3. What goals did I have that I didn’t meet or did meet but felt disappointment in?
    1. Were there circumstances beyond my control that kept me from the goal?
    1. Looking back, was it unrealistic to begin with?
    1. Does it need to stay a goal for this year, be adjusted, thrown out all together?
  4. What was a highlight of this past year? Is there something I want to re-create or make a tradition in the future?
  5. Is there anything I regret about this past year?
    1. If so, have I given that to the Lord?

A prayer for reflection:

Father, as we look back on all the ways you have been sovereign over our lives, in the giving and withholding, the joy and pain, may we look back at our year through your eternal perspective. To know that your kind heart always has our good in mind. Whether to grow us, or to discipline us, or simply to reveal to us more of who you are and make us more like you. May the things we accomplished be to your glory. May they point to your creativity, your ingenuity, your “making all things new.” And may the things that fell short, the things felt undone, be to us a reminder that we do not hold the world together, but that it is by your hand and your hand alone that the sun rises and falls, that the seasons change. In the things we regret may we offer them to you as well, whether sorrow or shame, knowing you took away both by Christ’s death on the cross. As we forge ahead with plans we long to see come to fruition, we do so knowing that our days are numbered, and that you alone know what tomorrow brings. We confess that our hearts often worry in spite of your commands not to. Help us, O LORD, trust in you, our daily bread, our living water, our good Father. Amen.

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