Finding a Church at Your New Duty Station

Church searching …it brings up different emotions for different people and I recognize that.

I know it can be a tiring… trying different places each Sunday hoping to find the right community, friends, etc.

That’s why we try and get a head start! None of these sites guarantee anything.. they’re just search engines 😅… and within every denomination there can be a world of difference! But they’re a start…

Search engines:

Military Believer Church Search:

The Gospel Coalition:

Acts 29 Network:

9 Marks:

Pre Move:

Here’s just a little bit of the process my husband and I use before we get to a new duty station. I know this doesn’t apply to everyone but I know that when you are looking, the process can feel really long. Hoping this helps you find that church community a little faster!

1. Use the search engines and make a list of ones we want to check out closer.

2. Read through their doctrinal statements / “what we believe” and move forward with ones we agree on.

3. Double check proximity to where we will live (we prefer to be fairly close so that building community is easier).

4. Listen to a few sermons / watch services.

5. Check out their Facebooks – not a deal breaker but you can tell a lot about a church by their Facebook 😅.

When we visit:

Once we start visiting we go through these questions. They might be different for your family but it’s helpful to have a few before you go. Things you can ask during a visit and discus after as a family!

1. Doctrine: Are they a Bible believing and teaching church?

2. Are the children valued as members (not always synonymous with flashy kids ministries) & is safety a priority?

3. Worship: is it glorifying God or self?

4. Proximity to where we live / will it be easy to live in community with others? Or is it too far a drive?

5. Preferences… how do we feel? Did we enjoy it?

I hope this is helpful in helping you find a community wherever you are!

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