Austin, Texas

Labor Day Weekend 2018

▪️Visited the Texas capital… we also bought a deck of Texas playing cards from the gift shop…. it’s a tradition.

▪️We stayed downtown at Fairmount Austin

Beautiful hotel just north of the River.

Rooftop pool, coffee shop, amazing gym!

▪️Food truck tacos at Mellizoz … followed by Gourdoughs donuts. Both are local favorites! Although next time we will share a donut… they are HUGE!


▪️Saturday morning we spent at the Farmer’s Market eating breakfast tacos at Republic Square. (Wanderlust Yoga does yoga in the park here and it is one of my goals to come before we leave.)

▪️Swimming at Barton Springs. The 55 degree water feels pretty good when it’s 110 real temp outside. Not sure I could handle it otherwise :).

▪️After a hot afternoon, we were craving some BBQ so we headed back downtown for Coopers Old Time Pit.

▪️Then had some iced coffee and played cards (cause its what we do) at Jo’s Coffee downtown.

▪️And finally a stop for the Austin mural… because, did you even go to Austin if you don’t get a pic?

Saturday on Congress Street with my friend Danielle, February 2019

▪️We started the day with coffee and matcha lattes at Epoch. Tucked away in a neighborhood where people stop after their morning run or bike ride, this is one I definitely want to go back to.

▪️Spent some time browsing this cute little jewelry and succulent shop – Florish. Danielle, my green-thumbed, succulant growing friend, was in her element.

▪️We decided to give her a taste of “Austin weird” and went shopping on South Congress street. They happen to have vendors out and it was a perfect day to browse.

▪️Lunch tacos at Torchy’s… the Trailer Park is my favorite. Freeland isn’t so sure about it.

▪️Decided to walk off some of our tacos by the river before concluding our day with ice cream. Freeland had serious thoughts about all of it lol.

*Next trip I want to try Easy Tiger Bakery & Cafe.

Hiking & BBQ … just the three of us

▪️Hiked Ceder Breaks Park at Lake Georgetown. The trail is a 26-mile loop around the lake. We hiked an out and back section for about 5 miles total.

▪️We worked up a good appetite for lunch at Stiles Switch BBQ. The guy talked me into ribs and I have to say I was not disappointed! Freeland couldn’t stop watching March Madness on the TV.

▪️Shopped the Tyler’s outlet store on North Lamar Boulevard and relived our camp days of Comfort Color tee-shirts. They do have decent pricing on Toms and Chacos if you need a pair!

▪️Finished our day trip with fancy lattes at Houndstooth.

All Natural Trip with Laura (@thathealthyfriend)

▪️Started our day with house chips at The Sour Duck Market and they were amazing! She had a Reuben, I had a burger. No need for oversized portions when the meat is high quality and the flavor is satisfying!

▪️Coffee at Summer Moon Coffee. They have an “in-house sweetened milk” so make sure to ask for a “half moon” or “quarter moon” if you want it less sweet.

▪️Shopping at The Whole Foods Market downtown + more coffee from Allegro Coffee. When you don’t live close to a Whole Foods it’s like a treat to browse! Local beers, oat milk, fair trade dark chocolate, and all natural skin care. We shopped for a while.

▪️We had planned to head home after Whole Foods but hit 5pm traffic so decided on dinner instead! She had a friend recommend Picnik. They lived up to their motto, “Real Food + Good Vibes”.

▪️And of course… we had to get our picture by the mural. The last time I had 4- months to go with Freeland…this time he was 4-months old!

So there you have it, my Austin experience thus far! What am I missing? I’m here for the suggestions!

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