Where have I been?!

Ok, update time. Wow, it has been too long. Summer camp has me like 😳.

After about two weeks of Kayla Itsines BBG back in May I was getting a little bored and decided to switch to Jamie Eason’s twelve week program (free on bodybuilder.com). It is primarily a strength training plan and I thought it would be fun to get more comfortable in the weight room. The program has a meal plan but I work at a summer camp so it’s not realistic unfortunately. I haven’t gotten every work out in but the first 4 weeks I could definitely tell I was getting stronger (and did 6 chin ups for my little brother to prove it). πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

Week 5 of the program adds cardio back in and boy have I felt out of shape this week. Not only has it been over a month of nearly no cardio but the outside temperature has increased by about 30 degrees πŸ˜…. Needless to say, it’s been a little pathetic. 

All that to say, I’ve decided to do 4 more weeks with this current program and cut it a month short to get back to some base training.

The advanced plan I want to use for my fall half marathon starts with a 90 minute weekend run… That’s more than I could do comfortably at the moment. So, July -August will be back to building miles and time along with focused strength training. Aug -Nov will be an all out half marathon training cycle (Hal Higdon’s… they are my favorite and they work for me). 

I’m also returning to the Tall Chief Open Water Challenge in September which means I need to get back in the pool asap…you can hold me accountable to that. 

Also, I recently completed a three day American College of Sports Medicine workshop to refresh myself on everything I learned in my four year kinesiology degree πŸ€“… Ya know, exercise physiology, anatomy, sports nutrition. I have been preparing to take my personal trainer exam in early July.

Also, camp started so I get to be a part of these beautiful women’s lives all summer (and lots of great guys too but I don’t have a picture of them). They are serving their hearts out on our summer staff so if I’m absent from here it’s because I’m with them! 

Thanks for following along! I can’t wait to share more during training… I’ve got some audacious goals so be prepared! 

Anyone else prepping for fall even though it’s only June? 

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