From the restaurants to the race course… marathon weekend part 1. 


First stop in Fayetteville was definitely lunch! The Farmer’s Table Café is a locally sourced, organic and homemade breakfast and lunch café. If its not in season or the farm doesn’t have it, they don’t serve it. It was organic goodness from eggs benedict to biscuits and gravy to chicken salad. I didn’t even feel guilty about eating the house potatoes and organic ketchup!



The Chancellor hotel was the official race hotel. A gift of Chapstick and socks upon arrival, free parking (as it should be), and right in the middle of the city!

• It was the location for packet pick up and race expo

• 5:00am breakfast buffet for runners (not free of charge but available)

• Less than a quarter of a mile from the start line. You literally step out of the front door and you can see the starting line.

• Late check out assumed! Because no one wants to ride home with a sweaty smeller runner!   

Pre-race Dinner

Wood Stone Craft Pizza and Beer. This was more for the hubby but it worked for me too! Woodfire pineapple and ham pizza for me, beer and bacon for him! It was a win win!  


Checking out the finish line

The race ended at Wilson Park, just a few blocks from the hotel. As you entered the park the last ½ mile made a loop around and then into the final coral. Don’t be fooled when you hear music, 2 tough hills await you THEN you can cruise. At least that’s where the spectators were! I’m glad we checked it out before. You never want to start that finish line sprint only to find half a mile between you and the end.  


Race Course

• The first 2 miles are very hilly, but look around. The fraternity and sorority houses line the streets along with Razorback stadium. I had never seen it and it was definitely a highlight.

• Frequent drink stations! I never had to worry about when the next one was coming!

• Scenic lake views. A lot of the course is run on a walking and biking path around Lake Fayetteville. Grateful to be guarded from the 18mph winds for a portion of the race! There were also plenty of turn-by-turn volunteers. I never questioned which direction I needed to go and when it’s a smaller race that’s important. Sometimes I had no one in view in front or behind me.

• I already mentioned the finish line…2 hills and a half-mile loop around the park before heading downhill into the coral!            

Race swag

• Tech tee (and they had extra small – bonus for those of us with narrow shoulders)

• Giant medal

• Sweet finishers jacket (handed to you directly at the finish line)

• Need I say more?!

• If you are an overall finisher the prizes are hand made wooden plaques that your race medal hangs from. I didn’t snag a picture but they were cool!  



And of course, the post race meal

Arsaga’s at the Depot. Local. Eclectic. Delicious. Hipster (if you care). When they make their own ketchup you know its good. And again, house potatoes. I must have been craving them all weekend!


And for the guys…

Hog Haus. Because anyone who drives 1.5 hours to watch someone else run a marathon deserves a cold one.

Part 2: Race strategy: not giving up on my sub 4 hour marathon

6 thoughts on “From the restaurants to the race course… marathon weekend part 1. 

    1. Pretty tight and sore. I was wishing I had taken advantage of the ice bath at the finish line :). Lots of stretching, foam rolling, and taking it easy all week!


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