Master Bedroom Makeover

When one random Instagram story about decor leads to a whole bedroom makeover…

I posted about not knowing how to display our family photos which led to a friend recommending the book The Cozy Minimilast Home by Myquillyn Smith.

This led to a pretty clear understanding of what I loved about the rooms I love, and what was missing from the rooms I didn’t. And so I decided that the two weeks that my husband would be say for military training would be a fun time to makeover our bedroom – following the Cozy Minimalist rules!

You see, we got married 8.5 years ago with hand me down or used furniture and I really hadn’t touched it since. I loved it then and it fit our camp property trailer home but I wanted something different now. More mature – if I had to put a word to it. We’ve grown ya know… as people, as parents, as a couple.

Oklahoma, 2016

I followed the Cozy Minimalist process best I could in the time I had which went something like this:

1. Pinned a ton of inspo for fun!

This moody feel I kept coming back to

2. Cleared the space

3. Re- arranged furniture a few times

4. Changed the window dressing & ordered a rug! (I really wanted to raise the curtains and in a perfect world they would be higher and wider but we are still renting and the thought of filling and painting over holes twice didn’t appeal to me – so I got a longer, more modern curtain rod and simply made the window wider).

5. Picked out paint – went bold, was scared to death, did it anyway!

6. Put together my new nightstands (these came pre assembled besides the legs which helped me make the decision over the Ikea ones I would have needed to paint and assemble). Plus they were a perfect little modern addition, tied in with my dresser that I wasn’t going to redo, and hold my Beautycounter supplies beautifully!

7. Slowly added decor – mostly what I already had. Still deciding if I want a picture over the bed- I love her “rules” for decor about picking things that are bigger than a pineapple – more style for less stuff! And the idea that walls can bring rest – not every wall needs a gallery or busy decor. Sometimes the absence is beautiful!

Links: Not everything was brand new but I tried to find similar pieces for the things that are old (the mirrors, bedspread, lights). The dresser came from a used furniture store in Joplin the week we got married – I didn’t love the set then but it’s actually aged pretty well! Someday I’ll strip them and make them over but for now it works well!

Curtain rod
Blackout curtains (although, I should have waited for Ikea because they would have been cheaper).

Side tables

Pillows FJÄDRAR Inner cushion, off-white, 20×20″
Pillow covers PRAKTSALVIA Cushion cover, brown, 20×20″ – IKEA
Chair – I needed a small chair for my desk area and found this one in the “as is” action for $30!

Paint Color: Nocturnal Green
Rug Print 8 x 10 Indoor Medallion Moroccan Area Rug

All in all, I’m so happy with it! Anyone else love decor projects while their spouse is away?!

This post contains affiliate links.

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