Three gift ideas for your service member:

1. If they have an award they are especially proud of that isn’t displayed, there are lots of cool options on Etsy! This Spurs display I got from @inkstickartstudio . Great customer service to get the unit correct and it came packaged so well!

2. A challenge coin flag is always a great piece! I got our from an Etsy shop called Flags4Heroes but there are lots of options! (Just try to buy from a real person in the USA rather than an Amazon shop where it’s made somewhere else, it means more!)

3. Time at the range! Whether it’s a gift card, a time set up with his buddies, or simply the time to go – I know it’s valuable to my guy!

Any others?! I’d love more ideas! And if anyone has whiskey recommendations I’m all ears! We’ve never bought it but I know that’s a standard gift too!

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