6 practical ways I’m preparing for time without my service member:

✨Attempting to get them registered for hourly care for when I need a break or have appointments!

See your local CYS for info on free hourly care for children of deployed service members. But, even if not deploying, it’s a great – safe- childcare option for when you have appointments or simply need a few hours away when your spouse is away.

✨Asking around / touring the best gyms with childcare!

I love the Armed Services YMCA for all the services they have for military families including the 2+ hours of care for working out, swimming, or sitting in the sauna to relax!!

✨NOT signing them up for spring soccer because I know I won’t actually enjoying getting the boys out of the house at 5pm twice a week 🫣.

Okay, maybe you prefer having evenings out and that’s great! For me, 5pm is time to wind down so the thought of hauling them out of the house alone, followed by late bedtimes is something I’m going to skip in this season!

✨Joined a weekly trail group that sends hiking suggestions each week to explore more trails!

Definitely not winning any free tee shirt for completion but having an email sent with where to try each week is so fun! Maybe it’s weekly story time, or Lego club, or coffee shop tours with a friend… find something to get you out of the house!

✨Planning to run a trail race with a friend and assuming I’ll need babysitters for it (not picking based on dates he’ll be here).

They always say – plan things to look forward to. I’m probably the only one who plans a trail race but you get the idea!

✨Plugging into a church that has a really solid children’s ministry with weekly Bible study & childcare!

What a gift to connect with other women who love Jesus to study the Bible. It’s refreshing to the soul!

What ways do you prepare?!

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