The Beauty of Community

This life is so unique. Most of my friends post college are scattered like the wind. Doing all kinds of jobs in all kinds of places, with rhythms that are hard to match when making friends.

Then there’s military spouses. All “doing this thing” together. Often similar life schedules and rhythms… at least similar understanding. It feels as if we’re back at college sometimes, like “hey… my husbands in the field too, want to go to story time, then the park, then lunch together?”

If nothing else, there’s camaraderie… gathering for the Army vs Air Force game when you never cheered for a team before, staying up till 1am to snap a picture for a friends homecoming that got pushed back – per usual, being able to say, “it’s okay that balls are dropping – this season is hard.”

Yes, it’s hard making friends over and over and maybe your military friends aren’t the “deepest parts of my heart, known me since childhood” friends. But maybe they’re the “lonely afternoon toddler hang out” kind of friend. Or the “girls night to watch Top Gun” kind of friend. Or the “I need someone to pray with in this season,” kind of friend.

I think when we take the pressure and time requirements off of what our friends have to be – we open up a world to be blessed in a season where we might have missed it otherwise.

Tag a friend who has been a blessing to you- no matter how short or long the season was! 🖤✨

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