Anniversary tattoos…and 8 other things we choose to do on our date!!

Maybe getting tattoos for our 8th anniversary date is cheesy…but here’s 8 things that aren’t (that also happened on this anniversary):

✨Choosing to spend $$$ on dates as a military couple without family around to help out.

✨Choosing to make memories together / experiencing new things together (even when it’s hard to plan).

✨Choosing time away with each other in the midst of a long list of moving “to-dos” that could seem more important.

✨Choosing to laugh together.

✨Choosing to ask for forgiveness and admit fault.

✨Choosing to forgive hurt feelings.

✨Choosing to do something simply because you know it means a lot to your spouse.

✨Choosing to know and enjoy the person they are today… even when it’s not the same person you married, because you’re not the same person either.

It’s weird we are closer to 40 than 25 and we have a long way to go still. But year by year I’m so grateful I get to grow old loving and being loved by you 🖤. Not because it’s always easy (although often it is) but because we choose to!

XXVII – IX – MMXXIV | 27 – 9 – 2014 | Sept 27th, 2014

Happy anniversary!

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