Military Life & the Gospel, part 3 – our temporary homes

As military spouses we have this great advantage when it comes to planning our post-military homes. We know what layouts we love and what we don’t. Laundry upstairs or down. Must haves and must-nots etc. as we dream of the house we might one day not have to move out of.

But do we dream of heaven the same way? The good news of the gospel is that it gives us the very thing our hearts long for – a forever home!

⁃ A special place built by one who knows all are hearts desires (John 14: 1-4)

⁃ A home built with no expense spared, no delays, no foundation checks needed, but built by God himself (Heb 11:1-8)

⁃ A home without tears or grief or loss or pain!

The death of both of my parents at a young age gave me a longing for eternity that I’ve come to count as a grace in my life. I’ve come to see this world and all it’s joys, as a mere shadow… all it’s darkness temporary.

As we look at these homes, theses houses we can be grateful they are but a shadow of what’s to come.

We can fill them up with laughter and birthday parties and neighbors – a foretaste of the celebration of heaven!

And when they creak beneath our feat, when they fail to meet my expectations in size and comfort, when they disappoint us- we can look to heaven and rejoice that He’s building something better!

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