“When I am afraid, I will trust in You”

It’s August 2017 and I’ve just spent my first night alone. I wake up to a Facebook post that a friend’s husband was hit and killed by a car while on a run. And I realize so clearly…military or not, deployed or not, I can not protect him. I was not ever meant to. His life…our lives, belong to one and one alone. And He is good. He does not (always) spare us from pain, loneliness or loss, but He’s the only one who can be trusted to bear it.

Post from Dec 25, 2017:

“2018 is a great unknown…time and places and people are all unforeseeable…but trusting God is not. He is a constant, a foundation, a sameness that I lean on and into. He is sovereign overall and in all and as sure as I have trusted when my path was well lit, I will trust him when I can not see the way. Here’s to a year I can not plan, with a man I can not protect, with faith in a God whom I can fully and whole-heartedly trust.”

“When I am afraid, I will trust in you.”

Psalms 56:3 CSB

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