Military Life & the Gospel, part 2 – friendships

As military spouses we can often fight bitterness when good friendships are cut short and that grief (which is real and valid) can leave us jaded and hesitant to build new friendships in the future.

The good news of the gospel is that opening ourselves up to friendships in the body of Christ, though temporary this side of heaven and often short because of the military – is not futile. They are transformed, by the gospel, into introductions, goodbyes transformed to “see you laters”…and we will have all of eternity to know and be known by those we build community with this side of heaven.

We can love, give, invest with other believers knowing it is not wasteful but rather an investment in his kingdom economy and the eternal life we get to one day share together.

And perhaps the best news of it all is that Jesus understands our sorrow at goodbyes. That we serve a servant King who had deep friendships that he also said goodbye to. That he “sympathizes with all our weakness” and felt every human emotion, including the separation of friends…which is part of why he had to die… to enter the real brokenness that we feel when time here is not enough… to open up heaven where time will be no more!

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