Military Life & the Gospel, part 1 – loneliness

The truth about military life is that is can be very lonely. Not figuratively speaking although that too! But long nights, weeks, months- alone. Away from your person while simultaneously away from your family. This is not exaggerated or a figment of military spouses imagination but a reality.

And here is the reality of the gospel. That though the consequences of our sin is separation from our holy Father.. Christ died to reconcile us back to him. To bear on the cross the consequence of our sin and separation from God’s presence SO THAT from now on we would never have to be.

His presence, fully ours from now until eternity! Though our hearts might still feel the very real separation and distance of people, they would never have to feel the distance of God!

▪️Sin separates us from God: Isaiah 59:2, Colossians 1:21

▪️Christ reconciles us to God: Colossians 1:22, Rom 5:10

▪️The promise of His presence: John 14: 15-18, Roman’s 8:38- 39, Psalm 46:1, Psalm 139

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