Services you might not know about as a milspouse:

⚡️VO2 Max testing and wellness services like nutrition counseling etc! Are you a runner or endurance athlete? Knowing your VO2 Max is an amazing way to guide your training and usually it’s only available in kinesiology lab settings or professional athletes!! Hoping to test it out here at Fort Lee and share more!

📞Check you local on post Wellness Center (typically separate from the hospital) to make an appointment!

⚡️Lawn care supplies rental. Need a push mover, weed whacker etc. you can almost check them out at the lawn and garden center! Sometimes they also offer mulch and other supplies in the spring.

⚡️Financial advisor counseling and classes/ legal and tax services! Budgeting classes and resources. Financial one on one counseling… I know it’s hard to make time for, but

📞 contact your local soldier support center to see what they offer!

⚡️Operation Deploy Your Dress- not on all posts yet but the organization takes donated dresses and uses them as a “free shop” on post. Typically you make an appointment and can grab one a season.

⚡️USO Sponsored baby showers – games, community support, lots of giveaways and take home gifts for new parents.

📞Check your local USO to find out when evens are happening near you!!

⚡️Youth sports leagues

⚡️Parenting classes

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