Three favorite PCS items for littles:

1. The Slumberpod is a blackout tent you set up OVER a pack and play! If you have to share a room with your little one (which we always do), it allows the baby to go to sleep with the lights on! We got it years ago for family vacations but this last PCS it was so good to have for our youngest while we moved across the country!

2. Audiobooks (over screen time). So thankful for free audio books from Libby online library (see pinned post on how to use it with your DOD card). Some of Freeland’s include: Mercy Watson Collection, Frog and Toad, Mr Poppers Penguins, the Mouse and the Motorcycle

3. Dry erase coloring books! We got this one from the commissary and he prefers it over the Water Wow coloring books (although they are a great option too).

Others: books, sticker books, chewing gum, and snacks 🤪😅

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