How to say goodbye when moving on:

The tension is REAL! You find out where you’re moving next and your brain starts to plan, your thoughts start to think through all that needs to happen and your heart wants to detach.

How do you love, and leave a place, well?!

Here’s a few tips:

▪️Stay committed to what you’re already doing! You don’t have to say yes to new opportunities but letting your yes still be a yes to what you’ve already committed to (and the people you’ve committed to) will help you not check out before it’s time. It also helps those who aren’t moving yet (and your civilian friends).

Have a standing play date.. go to it. Community group, stay in it.

Workout class, work it.

▪️Find things to talk about besides the move. Someone asks you how it’s going and the first thing on your mind is going to be the move. Share about it, then move on. Ask what’s next for the person staying? What does the upcoming season hold – new school for the kids, sports, community group, family vacation etc. moving always feels like the *exciting thing… but be interested in what’s happening for others too! That’s just part of being a good friend!

▪️Let others say goodbye. I get it, it’s awkward for some of us. The long drawn out goodbyes 🤪. We want to load up and wave farewell. But in reality that’s not good for anyone- not our kids, not those staying, and if we’re honest, not us either. Make it less awkward by having a closure event.. even a simple one. Here’s some ideas…

👋🏽 Invitation for anyone to swing by the house and say farewell at a certain time!

👋🏽Pantry party (mamasonthe move), where people come raid your leftovers and say bye.

👋🏽Final park date for kids to say bye!

👋🏽All out sending party 🎉, prayer / commissioning etc.

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