Armed Services YMCA Free Childcare

Raise your hand if you’ve missed an appointment (or avoided making one) because you didn’t have childcare?! 🙋🏻‍♀️

⁉️Did you know the Armed Services YMCA provides TWO hours of FREE childcare for medical appointments!

👋🏽 My most used service when we were at Fort Hood (which has a facility in the hospital and in town)!

✅ Set up just like their other services with fully back ground checked employees! My sons loved going to play and it made apts so much less stressful!

Other Services the Armed Services YMCA offer ON TOP of normal YMCA Membership services:

◦ Discounted gym memberships for service families

◦ Childcare / preschool programs

◦ Operation little learners (similar to a preschool day but you can sign up day to day as needed – we used it while packing before our PCS).

◦ Operation Hero – no cost after school program to help kids that are struggling with change get back on track.

◦ Children’s Waiting Room

◦ Operation Camp – provides outdoor activities and social bonding opportunities for kids

◦ Operation Kid Comfort – volunteers create custom photo quilts and pillows to help kids with separation during deployments







North Carolina




(And more affiliate locations)

Visit for all locations and details!

Have you used a ASYMCA? Thinking of you @wivesoftheairforce … I saw thayt nearly missed dentist appointment 😉.

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