Four things to pray when you’re nervous about the future.

July 2018… headed to his first unit, newly pregnant, having no idea what the future would look like. Sooo many unknowns ahead.

-Would we like Army life?

-Would the cost / reward ratio be worth it?

-Would he deploy or be gone a lot?

-Would I make friends?

-Would it be hard to have a baby without family around?

-Would we have a house on post?

-Would we find a church?

Have you asked yourself these questions?!

Here’s what we prayed together as we went:

✨That God would bring us into community so that we wouldn’t be alone (despite a pandemic and a deployment).

✨That we would have grateful hearts for the things He did give us: insurance, prenatal care, a home (even it it was from the 1950’s).

✨That we would would trust his plan to take us to Texas (despite it not being top of our list) and look for the ways that he knew better!

✨That we would say “yes” if God asked us to serve out of our comfort zone.

“To pray is to enter the treasure-house of God and to gather riches out of an inexhaustible storehouse.” C Spurgeon

I believe with all my heart that these prayers changed my expectations. He answered them not by giving us a million things we wanted, but by giving us Himself!

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