A liturgy for saying goodbye

This liturgy is a very personal poem / prayer I wrote as we said goodby to our church family in Texas. It was a special season… our first duty station, becoming parents (twice), the pandemic etc. But I share anyway in hopes that you can be encouraged by the glimpses that you relate to! 🖤

Lord as I savor and soak up these places and people… from our favorite pancakes to our church family- may all of it point me the great banqueting table – full of laughter and wine and joy it will be when we eat and drink together again in your presence!

As I remember this season, I will remember your faithfulness…How you expanded in a desert and grew a family in a pandemic.

You filled my womb with children, my home with neighbors, and my heart with a new family – your church.

I set these memories as an ebenezer, a signpost when my fickle heart forgets all you have done and all you are capable of doing. May I look back and remember your faithfulness and goodness and your provision.

What a joy to be part of your forever family. What a gift to experience it – imperfectly as it might be, this side of heaven. What a a shadow, a glimpse of what you have in store for those who trust in you!

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