Finding Community at Your New Duty Station

I get it…you’re the new girl… again. Maybe you’ve got kids in tow, maybe not. Either way, you want and need community.

Here’s my top three (military related) connection points at a new duty station.

1. PWOC / CWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel / Catholic Women of the Chapel). It sounds old school haha 😂, it’s true. It’s the name of the ON POST weekly Bible study and fellowship for women (they also have one for men), through the chapel services. Worship, food, CHILDCARE (through CYS so everything is background checked and accountability to the chapel), Bible study groups, fellowship, outreach opportunities, volunteer opportunities! Typically they meet once a week during the day (with childcare) and in the evening (without childcare). You get wisdom from the women who have been military spouses for decades, and friendship with the women in the trenches of toddlerhood and deployments. I can’t speak for every duty station but the ones I’ve been a part of have been a blessing beyond words! Just give it try.

2. SLAM- okay, maybe you’re a workout mama (or want to be) but can’t find time with the kids! Sweat Like a Mother is a stroller mom workout group that was created by a military spouse and has workout groups all over the country and world. All fitness levels welcome! They’ve built a culture of inclusiveness that’s pretty incredible… (can’t tell you how many SLAM bumper stickers I’d see flipped over in parking lots… a sign someone was doing extra burpees or something the next workout 😅).

3. Volunteer – the USO, MWR, on post thrift stores all take volunteers! It’s a way to meet people on post and serve! I’ve heard from others that when the Afghan refugees were placed at Fort Lee last year it was such a unique opportunity for both the PWOC community and volunteers to make a difference in real time… obviously that was a very unique situation but it’s the reason the network is in place and an opportunity to be blessing and meet others!

Have you been a part of any of these?! Share your experiences or another connection point you’ve had!

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