Finding a babysitter at your new duty station!

The list of new-to-you- things to find at a new duty station is endless… hair dresser, dog groomer, dentist 😬. But childcare takes the cake for us (in challenge and importance). Living far away from family takes away the easiest option.

We’ve been lucky to have great church community to resource from but here’s a few other ideas we’ve used or heard of!

▪️Local YMCA or indoor play gyms often host “parents night out” for a few hours of play for them and night off for you!
▪️Swap with another mom/ couple! We do a lot of after bed time dates so it’s easy to have someone come sit at the house for a few hours! Find someone you could swap with!
▪️My friend Amy at @expectingandempowered asks her kids’ day care facility if it’s okay to reach out to the kids’ teachers to see if they would be interested in sitting outside of school.

What are some other ideas 💡??

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