Post Workout Skincare Routine

Repeat after me… BE GENTLE!

After a workout our skin is usually red, irritated from sweat, and already sensitive. For me the key is to be gentle!

Gentle wash,

Gentle touch,

Gentle products!

Prestep: If you can, workout without make up on. For me that’s easy because I do it first thing, if you’re doing mid day or after work, make up removal wipes would be great!

During the workout! Try not to touch your face with your hands which most likely have sweat and other bacteria from the workout equipment on them!

Use a clean towel and try to dab, not wipe, your sweat!


Step 1️⃣: Gentle cleansing instead of harsh scrubbing to remove bacteria and sweat residue. Use cool water, instead of hot to help reduce redness.

For extra SENSITIVE skin (like mine), I like the Counterstart cococream cleanse.

Made with coconut oil, aloe Vera and vitamin E. It’s a creamy and moisturizing cleanser, easier on the budget then a cleanser with active ingredients, and gentle on skin that is already or prone to irritation.

Step 2️⃣: Toner can be helpful to clear any remaining sweat, oil, or make up, especially if you weren’t able workout makeup-less.

*tip*** use reusable cotton pads like these from Amazon! Soft and gentle and washable!

For oily prone skin: Countercontrol instant matte toner is an alcohol free toner that uses specialty complex of wintergreen and roseby to help mattify and decrease redness.

Also includes witch hazel as a natural astringent and vitamin B5 for moisturizer!

For combination skin: Countermatch hydra-gel radiance toner: removes residual impurities without mineral oils, sulfates, or parabens.

Step 3️⃣: Gentle serum

My current favorite is Vitamin C! Feels so good and has been proven to reduce redness and sun spots!

For some this step might be too much if the skin is sensitive to active ingredients directly after the workout. You can always save it for pre bed time!

Step 4️⃣: Moisturizer

Countermatch Adaptive moisturizer is lightweight and specially formulated to MATCH your skin’s hydration needs.

Extra sensitive: Again, Counterstart is coconut oil based moisturizer great for skin that might irritate with highly active ingredients you might find in an anti aging moisturizer.

*Extra tips*

✨Wash your body ASAP to avoid stinky bacteria from growing 🦠!

✨Drink water to rehydrate your muscles and your skin cells!

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