Is Hospitality A Spiritual Gift…

A follow up incase you missed the post that prompted the “10 Tips Checklist”


Six years ago I was certain it was and that it was one I didn’t have. I was embarrassed that I didn’t have cute home decor or matching table settings, that I couldn’t bake / decorate a cake or know how to make a bouquet. I loved the way some homes made you feel when you walked into them but I wasn’t sure mine would ever be that way.


But you know what the coolest part of being Christian is? We can GROW in any spiritual gift… not one is off limits when we have the Holy Spirit. I looked closer at what made people feel welcome and it was never exclusively the decor or the dessert arrangement… it was a feeling of inclusion… the “you are welcome here, just the way you are.”


Physically there are certainly things that help and I set out to learn a few “go-to” recipes and bought a drink dispenser for fruit infused H2O. But mostly I try to worry less about all those things and more about if the people coming into my home know they mean more to me than any item in it!


I will probably never host a beautiful Friendsgivings with matching table settings and napkin rings (although I’d love to go to one) and that’s OKAY. That girl might be growing in another gift or fruit of the spirit and I’m as free to enjoy hers without comparison as she is to walk fully in it!


Do you feel intimidated by hosting? What gift do you want to grow in?!

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