My Hospitality Checklist

Don’t neglect to show hospitality, for by doing this some have welcomed angels as guests without knowing it.

Hebrews 13:2

First of all, please know that list is not in order of importance or significance or necessity…actually, I would put number 9 & 10 as the most important if I were to list them. This is simply a list I make when I welcome people into my home for a party of some kind (mostly baby showers because that is the season of life I am in) but it could apply to bridal showers, birthday parties, welcome home’s (for my military family), and congratulations.

To be honest, as I started writing I got more and more insecure to publish…mostly because these things seem too simple to me in some ways and NOT ONE of them is original. When you are the last of your friends to get married and almost last to have children you get to be a part of many, many parties.

Ultimately though I hope it helps you feel confident to say “yes” more often than you have before. Because regardless of your home décor, cooking ability, or DIY resume…everyone can practice the phrase,

“You are welcome and valued in my home” and a little food and a cup of coffee often do that best!

Okay, onto the list!

1. Two things sweet

Typically, I’ll do cake / cupcakes (store bought, or something special from Facebook homemade groups. Usually, you can find a great baker to order cupcakes or a pretty decorated piece from). Then something easy like cookies or a fruit bowl.

I would share my go-to cookie recipe but it’s a neighbor’s family recipe so doesn’t feel right, I’ll give you a hint thought *vanilla pudding*. Here’s one that is pretty similar.

Its also good to practice a gluten free / vegan recipe for when the occasion calls. I will forever and ever make the RUNFAST EAT SLOW Oregon Berry Crumble…and shamelessly eat the leftovers for breakfast.

2. Two things savory

This one should be easy! Cheese and crackers on a cutting board, turkey tortilla wraps cut into pinwheels, even chips and salsa in a serving dish (anything in a serving dish or on a cutting board looks prettier).

3. Pretty drinks

Buy a fruit infused drink dispenser from Amazon and you don’t even have to have a good punch recipe (bonus if you do). Add some sparkling waters and wine classes and viola, done. Want to up your game, make mimosas with OJ in a pitcher and a bottle of champagne. Add coffee and creamer (I just started looking at this creamer set because I need one), and you are done!

4. Fun and easy game

Don’t make this complicated. It should have almost zero instructions and able to conversate through!

This NAME SCATEGORIES is a fun one! Even better if the mama hasn’t announced the name yet, bonus points if someone has the chosen name on their list.

This Pass the Prize was new to me at a recent shower but it’s simple, short, and adds a prize.

Bridal shower “games” I’ve played: How well do you know the bride questionnaire & build your own bouquet…usually the floral department will cut extra bouquet contact paper for you into squares, order a few bundles of flowers + greenery and grab some twine.

5. Simple flowers

Easiest décor ever and just brings simple beauty to any gathering. Typically, I buy multiple $3-4 bequest and mix and match them in mason jars. Offer for guests to take them home.

6. Banner or Balloons

You don’t have to spend a lot on a balloon arch if you don’t want to! Here’s a tip: buy a baby sign that is reversable like this one I got at the Target dollar section. I’ve also pinned baby onesies to tool strung across a window like this!

If you are into balloons…my neighbor who happens to throw beautiful parties…introduced me to this EASY balloon kit! I had no idea it isn’t actually that hard (but never necessary).

7. Serving ware

Yes, glass is more elegant but its not necessary. Matching plates and napkins from Target and white serving platters from Hobby Lobby make any countertop look pretty!

8. Playlist

Have background music. It helps people relax when they’re making small talk, especially if it’s a mixed crowd of people who might not know each other well.

9. A note of encouragement

Cardstock cards for guests to write an encouraging note on.

Diapers for people to write a sweet note for momma while she changes diapers.

Is she a new mom or bride? Have other’s share out loud a small piece of advice or encouragement.

10. Prayer / Blessing

Don’t leave the party without praying for the guest of honor. My favorite way to end baby showers is to read a Liturgy for Changing Diapers from Every Moment Holy!

Blessed by two of the most hospitable women I know!

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