Top 5 Recipes from Run Fast (CookFast) Eat Slow

If you follow my Instagram you’ve probably seen these foods made a hundred times BUT I thought I’d share why I like them plus any little hacks I use to make them easier, faster, or just my preference. Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies Yes, I’m starting with dessert. I can’t help it… this recipe is literally … More Top 5 Recipes from Run Fast (CookFast) Eat Slow

Austin, Texas

Labor Day Weekend 2018 ▪️Visited the Texas capital… we also bought a deck of Texas playing cards from the gift shop…. it’s a tradition. ▪️We stayed downtown at Fairmount Austin… Beautiful hotel just north of the River. Rooftop pool, coffee shop, amazing gym! ▪️Food truck tacos at Mellizoz … followed by Gourdoughs donuts. Both are … More Austin, Texas