Freeland’s Nursery

Let me start by saying I do not consider myself a decorator or creative when it comes to designing spaces. I like the part of Pinterest where you can actually buy the products in the pictures. That being said, THIS room was easy to be inspired about. 💙 Knowing now how much time we spend here I’m so grateful we took the time (and money) to make it a place we enjoy being in!! I absolutely love how the space turned out.

I’m currently in love with buffalo check and used it as a starting point. Here are a few of my favorite Pinterest pins when I started to piece things together.

Freeland’s Nursery Details 💙:


*This was our very first baby purchase. We went into Baby’s R Us as they were closing but were completely overwhelmed with what to look for (10 weeks pregnant). We figured a crib was a safe bet and bought one 60% off 👊🏽.



*This I purchased from Wayfair however they didn’t seem to have it currently in stock.

▪️Nursing pillow: Boppy

▪️Cover: Etsy


▪️Dresser: Tarva

(Stained with Minwax- one of my proudest DIY moments 😉)

▪️Cart: Raskog

▪️Shelves: I couldn’t find our exact shelf but these are great too and a similar price point,

▪️Side table: Gladom

▪️Hamper: Torkis

▪️Sheets: Len

▪️Drawer organizers: Skubb

▪️Trash can: Fniss




▪️Diaper pail: Dekor

Home Depot:

▪️Rug: Safavieh Natural Fiber Natural 6 ft. x 9 ft. Area Rug

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