My Hospital Bag Check-List

I figured while things where still fresh (although I can’t believe it’s been three weeks today 🙈), I’d do a little hospital bag round up. Of course I pinned about 5 lists on Pinterest and combined them into my own. I am pretty notorious for over packing (just ask my husband) so I tried my best to stick to a list of basics! Below is a picture of the list I made myself. I’ll share what was and wasn’t useful below!


▪️Flip flops- I didn’t actually take any since I didn’t have any on hand (cue two week early delivery) but next time I definitely will for showering!

▪️Robe- I purchased this from Target and I am glad I had it. I’m not sure I’ll be using it at home as much as I thought but it was nice to have for easy nursing / covering up / staying warm.

▪️Nursing bra & cami- Old Navy sleep bra and Target bras and tanks!

▪️Large undies- I didn’t buy end up buying any just for this occasion but I did have some high rise that I brought and was wearing by Thursday (Wednesday / Wednesday night I was still wearing the hospital undies 😉).

▪️Pads- Do purchase some for home but I used up the hospital supply while there (and took all the extra home too. If it’s been opened they can’t use it again so take it home!

▪️Pajamas / Slippers- Slippers yes! I didn’t end up taking any “pajamas”. Just used my sweats and robe instead.

*I did purchase these shorts from H&M and these joggers from Target days before labor and have been living in them since! Both in the hospital and at home!

▪️Disposable nipple pads- My milk didn’t come in until I came home so you probably don’t need these but packing a few wouldn’t hurt…depending on how long you’re in the hospital.

▪️Nipple cream- The hospital will give you some in a generic brand but it has not been as helpful as this organic brand. It was a gift but worth the extra few bucks! I’ve already ordered more from Amazon!

▪️Toiletries/ Make up- Yes! That first post-labor shower was amazing and having my own face wash, lotion, body spray and a little make up helped me feel more put together (since my body felt a little roughed up).

▪️Towel- I didn’t end up bringing one and the hospital towel was just fine.

▪️Nursing pillow- Yes. Learning to nurse is hard. It’s nice to have the support when you’re trying to figure it out!


▪️Swaddle: Yes. We used the hospital blankets most of the time but did like having our own toward the end.

▪️Hat: Yes. Same as the swaddle.

▪️Car seat: Required 🙂 But I do recommend having it installed and checked. Most local fire departments can do a safety check or ask you hospital if they have a location.

▪️Going home outfit: I brought one outfit for announcement pictures…

…and 2 for going home (in different sizes). *Getting a newborn into something that isn’t a snap up / zip up is a little challenging. I’d bring pajamas / one piece over a full outfit! (clearly these were still too big 🙈)

*I’d also add to have lots of these at home. My first outing after Freeland was born was grabbing about 6 more snap-up / zip-up pajamas in newborn size.

▪️Mittens / socks: I brought a few pairs of both and didn’t use them. Since he was swaddled 90% of the time and the other 10% he was nursing and needed his hands free I’d say one pair of both for going home is plenty.

FOR DAD: *Good thing I made him a list. If you read our birth story you know this was the last thing to get packed and I was too deep in contractions to offer any recommendations in real time 😉.

▪️Phone ☑️

▪️Charges ☑️

▪️Two changes of clothes ☑️

▪️Snacks ☑️

▪️Laptop: We didn’t have time to grab this or have time to need it. But if you’re being induced or have a slow going labor I can see it being useful.

▪️Toiletries ☑️

▪️Pillow / blanket ☑️

▪️Sleepwear ☑️

▪️House shoes ☑️

(When they were both ready to go home)

The last TWO things that I HIGHLY recommend are:

1. Taking a birth class at the hospital / birth center you are delivering at. This allows you to learn what their typical standard care and practices are as well as ask all the questions you want. Not to mention just learning the basics of labor and delivery. It’s also a fun bonding experience. So much of pregnancy and preparation revolves around mom so any chance you have to get dad involved is a plus in my opinion!

2. Take a labor and delivery hospital tour. This helps you feel confident of where to park, where to go (especially if after hours when only the ER doors are open), how to check in, even pre-register.

If I missed anything let me know! I’d love to hear what you brought that you would take again!

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