12 Weeks of Pregnancy

12 weeks in to preganancy… what’s changed, what hasn’t….

✨Not looking pregnant yet, although my abs are slowly fading and my high wasted jeans are quite snug (a problem this pear shaped girl has never experienced so yes, it’s been hard but yes, I’m getting over it 🍐😉)


✨Running / working out: it’s funny cause during the workout things aren’t that different. Running easy feels normal, lifting weights feels pretty normal. What’s different is the recovery. After my five mile race two weekends ago I literally needed the rest of the day on the couch, something that would not have normally worn me out. And yesterday’s run plus hard leg circuit had me extremely tired and sore this morning. 🏃🏽‍♀️+🏋🏻‍♀️=😴

Normally I wouldn’t say no to a spin class invite, but I could tell my body wouldn’t have appreciated it today. So I opted for a few long walks with Scout and yoga class instead. It felt amazing! 🧘🏻‍♀️

yoga mat

▶️ I feel the need to point out here that good habits are everything! Weeks 5-9 I didn’t ever really FEEL like working out. I was more tired and emotional than I was used to. But good habits push you through when you don’t feel like it 👊🏽, can I get an AMEN?! Having the routine of running, going to the gym, lifting weights, walking Scout was natural to do and I knew, from virtue of self experience, that I would feel better after! And I did, 100% of the time! Improved mood, self esteem, just overall mentally and emotionally!

✨Food: Besides mostly cutting coffee (somedays I have about 6oz if it sounds good), avoiding lunch meats, and feeling too bloated for dinner some days, I haven’t had any terrible aversions (I’ve been blessed) and have been trying to eat as healthy and “normal” as possible.


As far as cravings, I wanted a lot of salty things the first few weeks and brought home a few grocery items my husband was very confused about (lime tortilla chips and cheddar rice cakes anyone?! 🤷🏻‍♀️). That’s (mostly) faded and besides citrus sounding really good on occasion, and wanting iced drinks besides water, nothing has been super weird.


✨Sleep: I sleep hard until interrupted once a night between 12:30-2am to go pee. No joke, it’s clockwork. If I don’t fall asleep fast enough I get hungry… kind of like when marathon training haha 😴.

me and scout

Emotionally / spiritually: I probably should have put this first but all I can say is the Lord is doing a work in my heart and our hearts together. Reading Paul Tripp’s book on Gospel Principles for parenting has me changing orientation everyday toward what I know to be true… the law can never do what grace was given to accomplish in my heart, in my husband’s heart, in the hearts of our children. The law of God can point out my sin, but it can not save… only the sacrifice of Jesus can do that. And walking that out myself is the only thing that will keep me filled with grace as a parent.


✨If you made it this far whohoo! Haha thanks for following along on this new and different journey! I know many of you followed me through hitting some great racing goals, 2 – BQ attempts, and being apart from my husband for 6 months and I’m so grateful to have you around!

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