Review of the Move Sweat Shred Guide by @MadelineMoves

REVIEW of Move Sweat Shred Guide .

I have had quite a few people ask my thoughts / opinions so I thought I would share a short review here!

  1. First, I will preface by saying that before starting any guide it’s important to know what your goals are. Some guides are for getting stronger/ lifting heavy. Some are for getting lean. Some are for burning the max number of calories. If you have a goal and pick a guide that doesn’t correspond to that goal, it will be unsuccessful.
  2. Next, I would also preface that no guide is a magic wand. You have to put in the work. If the guide is made by a professional and it fits your goals and doesn’t work you might ask yourself, “Did I put in 100%? Was I consistent?”
  3. Lastly, everybody and every BODY is different. We all enjoy different types of workouts and our bodies all respond differently to different workouts. If you start a workout like BBG and think you’re going to look like Kayla, it’s not going to happen. Her shape and metabolism are unique to her. Same for the Move Sweat Shred guide… you aren’t going to magically have great legs (and hair ) like Madeline… BUT if you do the work you will become a stronger version of YOU!

Ok, here we go!

  1. Move sweat shred is made up of various strength & plyo circuits. It’s constantly varying which I really enjoyed since I never felt bored. I love feeling like I worked really hard and the circuits were fun and challenging!
  2. It has 2 leg days and multiple cardio segments (which for me was primarily running). This is what drew me in! I love taking a break after marathon season to build strength again but always feel I lose endurance and speed. This guide incorporates both!
  3. Simple and structured. All the moves are basic, tried and true, exercises. It’s nothing “new” or complicated in that sense. They are structured for high intensity and calorie burn. It’s also progressive so the workouts get harder as weeks go on!
  4. Results: I didn’t do the macro coaching portion, so I can’t speak into that, however with a balanced diet and completing 5 straight weeks of the guide (that’s when I last measured), my body fat percentage had gone down and my fat free mass (aka muscle) had increased. I can tell my clothes fit better and my muscles have showed back up (again, marathon training tends to send them into hiding).


After finishing a full round, I decided to start round two along with a half – marathon plan. I want to run the half-marathon well and I know I can do that with lower mileage and smart strength / high intensity workouts.

Here is how I am incorporating it into my current training and a few modification I am making.

  • Monday: Legs + cardio
    • 4 to 5-mile easy run with Scoutdeadliftreverse lunge
  • Tuesday: Upper body + HIIT
    • I decided to use this HIIT workout as speed work day. If I can, I make it to the track. If not, its anything from 200’s to 1k repeats on the treadmill or on the trail with Scout.reverse flyfront extention
  • Wednesday: Back + cardio
    • Another easy run with Scout. I also have been adding core in place of shoulder exercises on this day. Since I’ve moved the upper body days back-to-back I try to avoid overuse of the shoulders and I can always use more CORE 😊.Side plank
  • Thursday: Threshold Run
    • Either warm up + threshold run OR warm up + mile repeats
  • Friday: Legs + cardio
    • Easy 4-5miles with Scout
  • Saturday: LONG RUN DAY!
    • Scout’s favorite day. We have been loving being close to a National Park. The trails are beautiful and it’s the best day of the week for both of us!running with scout
  • Sunday: Rest Day + lots of walking with Scout!

Want to know how I calculate my paces and know what an “easy run” or “threshold” pace is…?

Check back next week! I’ll be sharing how I find my paces!

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