Week one is done….

Only 15 more to go!

I really can’t believe I’m attempting the Hanson’s Marathon Method. For years all you’d hear me say was “I’m just a low mileage runner.” As if I knew I wouldn’t do better if I tried running higher mileage. The truth is , I have always been a little scared of high mileage because of my time on a D3 college track and cross country team. There was nothing wrong with the program but I was only sleeping 5-6 hours a night, working 32 hours a week plus full time school, and rice cakes and peanut butter don’t exactly count as high quality nutrition. I ended my first season with chronic fatigue and could hardly run 3 miles. 
Things are much different now. I have pretty normal work hours, I sleep 7 to 8 hours a night and make much more balanced meals thanks to being married to a meat eating, high metabolism husband. 
So, I bought and read the Hanson’s Marathon Method book (well my husband bought it for me), I read tons of other people’s blogs about using it, made my plan based on their suggested paces for my goal time and am for it…

Week one went pretty well (beside cold weather and lots of Fixer Upper reruns thanks to staying on the treadmill). 

Things I was surprised at:
▪️How good the speed work felt. Even by the last repeat I felt like I could easily hit the pace I was shooting for.
▪️That 7 miles on a track could go by so fast!

▪️How hard it was to hold easy days back to easy pace… (I’m guessing after another week it will be a reprieve to go that slow on tired legs). 

▪️How hungry I was 🥑🥐🍞🥓🍕🍳🥗🌮🍩…I woke up multiple nights to a growing stomach. I’ll be tracking my calories a few days this week to check the following:

1. I’m getting enough calories

2. If I’m getting the right amount of carbs/ protein/ fats

▪️That spreading the miles out, even though it takes a little more time on week days, actually made the amount of miles not that hard. I only ran a few 40+ mile weeks during my last marathon training and half of it was done on Saturday with a long run. I usually felt so bad on Sunday I wouldn’t dream of doing anything but couch sitting. This week however, I feel relatively normal. Got 6 miles in easy on Sunday and although I could definitely nap, I’m not aching and sore. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

This week’s stats…

🔹44 miles total 🏃🏽‍♀️

🔹Taught Runfit strength training class 💪🏼

🔹Got to go to an hour of yoga class 🤸🏽‍♀️

🔹Didn’t get frustrated or short tempered with my husband due to exhaustion (huge win) 🙌🏼🙈☺️💕
…. now to nap!!! 

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